The Art of Silence

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How Speaking Less Can Make You More

Intelligent, and Successful

Many problems can be solved in silence but we take away that opportunity with words ..GANDHI
When the voice is silent, the mind speaks;
When the mind is silent, the heart speaks.
When the heart is silent, your inner soul wakesup (self),

Which brings out the hidden magical powers, gifts, talents, abilities, and potential out.

Did you ever observed

How quietly the stars shine, how quietly the moon shines. How quietly the sun travels east and west. How quietly the cool air circulates. How quietly the earth rotates, carrying such a weight on its shoulders of its people, oceans and hills. I think the creator likes silence.
Speech is only a means of expression. There is no communication beyond silence.
The mind does not speak as long as we are speaking. If we stop, the mind starts. You can communicate with the mind in silence.

Silence means putting aside all the baggage of thoughts, dreams, desires, illusions, masks and looking at yourself clearly. In silence there is music we have never heard there is a scent we have never smelled. There is light that can only be seen with the eyes.

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